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Geeks and Heathens: Episode 8 - Rollercoasters

Geeks and Heathens Episode 8 : RollercoasterToday on Geeks and Heathens we have Cassius of Wakanda Atlanta, Rollercoaster Waves and Robberi Cologne.  We are talking about Star Trek or Star Wars If you only have $20 to feed 6 people what would you cook? JD Verzuz Diddy If you could only listen to 5 albums for the rest of your life what are they and why? If you could choose 1 fast food item from 4 different places for a meal what would it be?

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Geeks and Heathens Podcast: Episode 6 - Evolution or Revolution

So my Child Genius and I have started a Podcast titled "Geeks and Heathens" where we talk about pop culture, art, music, and any random thing that we find interesting during the week.  On this week's episode 6 we have our first in studio guest, Charity "Cake" Hamidullah who is a tattoo artist, muralist and artist but really just an all around badass.  On this week's episode we are talking about the following random topics, lol.

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