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So I have decided to list my one off's in my Etsy shop to not only keep it active because so many Designers and Bloggers troll Etsy but to also have another avenue to sell. I list my candles that I pour into Funky containers here or where I test interest in new prototypes (such as the shaped Beeswax). So here they are and I will...

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Dining Room 3 Piece Style

Craftwork 101: The Barber Coaster (new in the 3 Piece Shop) $10.00

Sweet Potato Print by Cedric Smith $125.00

Handcrafted Walnut and Copper Dining Table by Jesse Dirk $550.00

Custom Maple and Cherry chairs by Ruppel Design $525.00

Some of the items above especially that walnut dining room table really get my motor running. I have had my eye on the print by Cedric Smith for...

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3 Piece (along with over 40 other artists) will be participating in the upcoming EAOC Summer Treasure Hunt on Etsy. See the flyer above for more information.

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