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So I know I've been very sporadic this year but I am working on changing that. You see Child Genius graduated from High School in May and with that came SAT, College Applications, College acceptance/rejection letters, and decisions decisions decisions. So she decided on a small all girls college located in Virginia and I am very happy for her. However as the day draws closer that my oldest child...

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Isn't this beautiful?

I just can just see myself drinking a wonderful portuguese red wine at an outdoor cafe while being wooed in one of the old tongues. lol.

Portugal you are now on the list.

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I started 3 Piece to exist exclusively as an online boutique initially but as with all things you must be open to try different things and adjust accordingly. What I have learned along the way are these 3 important things: 1. People need to smell candles and until there is a scratch and sniff screen I must either maintain a storefront and/or ensure I have wholesale accounts. 2. There isn't one...

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