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So yesterday Child Genius comes home from School and couldn't wait to express me how much she loves me. She went on to tell me how they had a speaker at school who was supposed to represent a small business owner, the person who spoke yesterday was a party lite representative. Well well well Child Genius decides to grill this lady about how their candles are made, are they all natural, etc. etc....

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So I have a Lust list where I put the items that I WANNNNNNNNNT but what happens every month is the NEEDS of Child Genius and Boy Wonder always trump that list but this week dangnammit I am going to scratch something off of my want list. You see I covet a new camera, I have been using my Kodak Easyshare CX7300 for about 7 years now yes you read correctly 7 YEARS. What I really really really want...

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I am posting a picture of my inspiration board in the 3 Piece lab. I have quite a few quotes posted here along with pictures of people who inspire me. Directly below I have paintings by myself, Child Genius and Boy Wonder. Mine are more mixed media which drives Child Genius absolutely freaking crazy because she is very linear in her thinking and I am most assuredly am not. Boy Wonder on the other...

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