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Here is a video we created for Incidentals Candles 8 years ago.  We still hand pour every batch of Incidentals Candles, they are still only scented with essential oils and herbs and we just may bring back the monthly parties...we shall see. j

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ONE MIC Beeswax Cube is one of our products of the week. Our ONE MIC series of Beeswax candles were created to ensure the beeswax maintained it's natural ability to emit negative ions in the air.  ONE MIC is also an ode to the song by Nas "All I Need is ONE MIC", one chance, one opportunity.   ONE MIC Beeswax Cube

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ONE MIC Tapered Cube Beeswax Candle

Incidentals Candles

Awaken the senses with a refreshingly scented pillar of perfection. It’s a simplistic take on chic, an inviting decor addition. Available in BE (natural beeswax scent, lavender, vanilla, grapefruit and peppermint. 


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