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Kaira Akita's A Clothes Encounter has 3 Piece in the bag!

3 Piece will be participating in Kaira Akita's A Clothes Encounter The Green Glam Market on April 17th, 2010 and the lucky Very Important People will take home a candle in their gift bag. Yeah!!! If you are in Atlanta check out the flyer and come by to smell the candles and shop till you drop. I almost forgot to mention that the Spring 2010 event benefits Cool Girls, Inc..j

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where are the vegetables?

where are the vegetables?Originally uploaded by 3piece I took this awhile back. I want to go into a long discussion about the lack of proper nutrition in our communities but I feel as though I am preaching to the choir. Looking at you Madame One Tree. Anywho I like abandoned buildings because I always wonder about the story, what happened to this person's dream? j

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